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Katia Von Kral

Katia Von Kral

Phoenix, AZ


For over eighteen years, Arizona artist Katia Von Kral has been quite successful in sharing her artistic talents for all to see. At an early age, patterns, color, texture, design and intriguing subject matter became her inspiration and she continues to incorporate all of these elements in her work today. KVK’s natural talent that emerged at this young age progressed over time as she received her bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Arizona State University and catered professionally to high-end residential and corporate markets. Her art has been featured on television and in magazines such as Phoenix Home and Garden, she has done custom artwork and murals for well-known celebrities and large corporations including Google, Pulte, Del Webb, and she also facilitated the restoration of the 1926 Historic Civic Plaza in downtown Phoenix.

Famous for doing large originals in her own mixed-media/collage style that can be seen at public and private exhibitions and auctions, KVK now makes her past, present, and future pieces available as affordable, limited edition giclees (prints on canvas) in all sizes. Each piece is unique and original in its own right since they are personally embellished, signed, and numbered by the artist. Art by KVK can be displayed beautifully in many settings as her subject matter and designs cover a wide range to suit many decorative purposes. In her works, KVK also uses repurposed materials and usually includes an actual envelope, a bird image, and many other charming collaged articles that create everlasting interest and symbolic meaning in her pieces. From her amazing 1997 collections to the present “Solfege Family Collection” (featured at the world renowned Musical Instrument Museum gift shop) and Cowboys and Instruments Collection, she is gaining recognition as one of the most collectible artists of the 21st century.

Her latest series’ of works which includes the “Cowboys and Instruments Collection” and many other country related pieces are featured in retail stores throughout the West, which gave her the opportunity to be the featured artist of the annual Festival of the West in Scottsdale, AZ in 2013. KVK’s love for country and western things stems from her love for the outdoors, camping, fishing, riding horses, and from other childhood memories with her family in Idaho, Montana, and Nevada. She is greatly inspired by country music, country dancing, and country musicians, as you will see that in all of her work exists some kind of musical suggestion, even if the subject matter is different. It is also not uncommon to catch KVK admiring the rodeo scene as she is fascinated with those barrel racers, bull riders, and bronc riding folk. Faith, love, and doing things that she loves are most important to KVK. “My career dream is to be able to do all of the things I love simultaneously: to continue to create my own originals and custom pieces in my style that bring my collectors great joy, to be able to travel, expand my market, fans, and collector base through shows and networking in different states, and to help others through the sales of my work,” says KVK. It is very possible that this gypsy, artist, cowgirl’s soul will drive her to her next artistic destination towards achieving that dream. Watch out for KVK’s upcoming cowboy/country series, it is sure to grab your attention and make you fall in love with her work and maybe even her!

So far, KVK has managed to keep her dream alive but not without a fight. The auto-immune disease, called endometriosis, affects over 176 million women worldwide, including KVK. 30-40% of them cannot have children and suffer from EXTREME pain! Therefore, a part of all the proceeds from Art by KVK sales is donated to support the Endometriosis Association, a charitable organization dear to KVK’s heart. This year, KVK will also be working with the Boys and Girls Club of the East Valley in Arizona. KVK loves kids and it is her passion to care for them whenever the opportunity arises. For more info please visit causes at www.ArtbyKVK.com.

Much of the artwork KVK creates is available on decorative gift items such as pillows, blankets, coasters, mugs, note cards, clothing, and much more! Decorating any environment KVK style is a beautiful way to enhance your décor and to invest in your future. KVK welcomes custom artwork on canvas, large murals, and any other idea that you may have in mind. You can view all of her works at www.ArtByKVK.com, purchase her works at www.katia-von-kral.artistwebsites.com,
And stay updated with her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ArtbyKVK. Order products or contact her direct at 480.420.4ART (4278) or ArtbyKVK@gmail.com.


Freedom by Katia Von Kral


Vaquera de the Tambourine by Katia Von Kral


Vaquero de the Mandolin by Katia Von Kral


Vaquero de the Piano by Katia Von Kral


Vaquero de the Fiddle by Katia Von Kral


Vaquero de the Acoustic Guitar by Katia Von Kral


Vaquero de the Bass Guitar by Katia Von Kral


Vaquero de the Drums by Katia Von Kral


Vaquero de the Trumpet by Katia Von Kral


Vaquera de the Fiddle by Katia Von Kral


Reel Cowboy by Katia Von Kral


Ride Baby Ride by Katia Von Kral


Ain't Comin Home by Katia Von Kral


The Joy and the Pain by Katia Von Kral


The Bison by Katia Von Kral


The Rooster by Katia Von Kral


The Grizzly Bear by Katia Von Kral


The Bald Eagle by Katia Von Kral


The Bull by Katia Von Kral


The Deer by Katia Von Kral


The Palomino by Katia Von Kral


The Moose by Katia Von Kral


The Elk by Katia Von Kral


The Fish by Katia Von Kral


The Pig by Katia Von Kral


The Loon by Katia Von Kral


Dogs Playing Music by Katia Von Kral


Vaquero de the Hats by Katia Von Kral


Vaquero de the World by Katia Von Kral


After the Gig by Katia Von Kral


The Old Paint by Katia Von Kral


Vaquero de the Boots by Katia Von Kral


Jack Jones and Buck by Katia Von Kral


French Quarter by Katia Von Kral


Doe the Bass by Katia Von Kral


Ray the Guitar by Katia Von Kral


Me the Piano by Katia Von Kral


Fa the French Horn by Katia Von Kral


Soul the Drums by Katia Von Kral


La the Sax by Katia Von Kral


Tee the Marimba by Katia Von Kral


I Like Your Sleeves by Katia Von Kral


Mighty Foundation by Katia Von Kral


Eiffel Tower by Katia Von Kral


Larry's Wine Cellar by Katia Von Kral


Casa Bella by Katia Von Kral


Sydney as Sinfully Delicious by Katia Von Kral


Painting of the Bay by Katia Von Kral